The 43rd harvest report

The 43rd harvest at Mas de Daumas Gassac began on Monday 24 August 2020!
The harvest lasted about 17 days, ending on Monday 21 September with the picking of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Once again this year, we had the chance to work with a team of 40 pickers, bringing 18 different nationalities to the wild and beautiful Gassac valley.
The result was a symphony! A wonderful convergence of personalities, expertise and cheefulness, fruit of harmonious, delicate, and generous vintage. 2020 is a tribute to the remarkable character of our grands vins!

Relatively small yields have become the norm, and the 2020 Mas de Daumas Blanc was no exception. The quantities harvested for the Mas de Daumas Gassac Rouge 2020 were slightly higher than in 2019.

The winter was cold, but never freezing cold, and there was no snow. The spring was well-balanced in terms of rain, enabling a slow, steady ripening of the berries.
Mild weather conditions allowed the buds to open delicately. There were no heatwaves during the summer, or excessive spikes in temperature, with an average of 28°C during the day and cool nights, between 10°C and 12°C.
On Saturday, 15 August a storm broke, gilding the vineyard with something more precious than gold…
This rain could not have come at a more perfect moment! In the space of one night, we went from a very good harvest to an exceptional harvest. This vintage has an authentic personnality, reminding us of the first vintages of the domaine.

« I have just 2 words: Joy and Gratitude. It is a particularly good year. We have a fantastic team of pickers. The grapes are magnificent… what more can I say? Thank you. »
Véronique Guibert

« The phenolic maturity is perfect. When you look at the vineyard, it is green, with no signs of water stress.
We have a really splendid vintage! It almost seems like a vintage from a northern region, as if the poles were reversed. Fruit bursting with flavour, perfect ripeness and a good measure of acidity… That is the key element.
Roman Guibert

« This is a vintage that emerged delicately, like gentle, pleasant music! Accompanied by just the right amount of sun, just the right amount of rain, and of course, a great deal of love.
2020 is a classic vintage, one that not only will be remembered, but which also represents the history of all those that came before it.»
Basile Guibert

« We had an ideal summer: hot, but not too hot, with cool nights. Then we had this remarkable storm on 15 August, two weeks before the harvests, like gold falling from the sky, transforming the harvest from “very good” to “exceptional”.
Wine is a noble, natural, living product. The grapes possess the same remarkable energy displayed by the family and the team, resulting in an exceptional wine.»
Samuel Guibert

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