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History & Philosophy

As a result of Aimé Guibert’s discovery of the exceptional amphitheatre site of Villeveyrac, an unusual partnership was born. The Moulin de Gassac wines were created in the early 90s by our father and the founder of Mas de Daumas Gassac, Aimé Guibert.

Following the introduction of the vine pulling-up premium, he began a partnership with the vine growers in this area with a view to saving its plots. The Moulin de Gassac Selection played a decisive role in preventing the disappearance of this terroir. Thereafter, Mas de Daumas Gassac confirmed the wines’ unique identity with their own signature: Moulin de Gassac

Produced from unique vineyards, with the help of our expertise, the Moulin de Gassac Selection reflects a shared desire to offer authentic wines.

Like the first Moulin de Gassac cuvée – Figaro – which on its release in 1993 was awarded the title of best wine in the world in its category, these wines have always expressed the successful culmination of an intense selection process and rigorous compliance with specifications.

Sols & terroir

The Moulin de Gassac Selection is produced from the finest plots of a unique Languedoc terroir. A remarkable amphitheatre of vines facing the Mediterranean and the port of Sète, the hills of Villeveyrac are the source of these flavourful red wines, with a distinctly southern character. The clay-limestone soil (rich in bauxite and therefore in iron) is dry and well-drained. The terroir enables the grapes to reach full maturity, with a superb concentration of flavours and a naturally reduced yield. The plots for the white and rosé wines are selected from the area around the Thau Lagoon, near the village of Pinet. The soil is clay-alluvium with a small quantity of pebbles. This high-quality terroir benefits from the influence of the Mediterranean, producing wines with a remarkable freshness.

Our Mas de Daumas Gassac philosophy has been extended to our Moulin de Gassac Selection. The winegrowers in Villeveyrac and Pinet share the same values.

For several years, the plots of vines that we select have been looked after respecting the environment and its biodiversity. This commitment is becoming stronger and stronger and widespread in our region. Here are the initiative we set up to achieve our philosophy:


Pest control

Introduction of mating disruption: this technique reduces parasites and insects by disrupting the hormonal system during the reproduction period. Fewer eggs are produced reducing the number of larvae that cause direct damage.

Introduction of bat nesting boxes in vineyard: As predators of the moths responsible for grape-worms, bats (especially pipistrelles) help reducing the populations of these pests and the damage they cause by laying their eggs on the grapes.

Management of the soil

Initiative to avoid using herbicides and encouraging biodiversity:

mechanical weed control,
and grassing (maintenance of plant cover).

These approaches promote the development of alternatives to chemical pest control.

Terra Vitis, the stamp of French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature, Man and wine.

Our Moulin de Gassac wines will have Terra Vitis certification, by the end of the 2020 year. What does that mean?

Winegrowers with Terra Vitis approval (which includes those in Villeveyrac) garantee to:

Promote sustainable winegrowing, on an environmental, social and economic basis,
Give a preference to natural regulation mechanisms,
Strive to create a healthy environment for the producer, his employees and the local residents,
Develop biodiversity in plots and surrounding land,
Improve and preserve the quality of the water, air and soil.


The choice of plots and the date of their harvest are the starting point for the production of the Moulin de Gassac Selection. We select the plots which are harvested at optimal maturity, and then vinified traditionally to obtain finesse and elegance.

The plots are vinified separately and then blended to create atypical cuvées, that offer a superb alliance of these magnificent terroirs every year. The entire production is supervised and monitored on a daily basis, according to the same philosophy that is applied to Mas de Daumas Gassac’s grands vins.

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