2009 Vintage



It’s a great vintage, quite unlike any other !
It was tremendously hot from June to September, peaking in the first fortnight of August. And although there was only a touch of rain, our land remained well watered from its winter soaking and our Gassac stream remained in full flow throughout the 2009 summer.

It all meant an incredible harvest.

To start with, the grapes were in perfect condition; not a single one damaged; we only had to sort out a few dry leaves: it’s never happened before. Then the alcohol settled at a splendidly moderate level, below 13°. Finally, and it’s what is truly special, there are rich, smooth, lightly caramelised savours we’ve never come across in our thirty years making wine.

Tasting from the vats as fermentation ended revealed extremely soft tannins which didn’t overpower the caramel savours in the fermenting must. That the tannins are so soft is all the more remarkable since they are unusually rich; this means the wine will age gloriously when laid down. It’s a vintage with thoroughly unusual characteristics; thoroughly mouth-watering, it has great ageing potential

It’s a one-off vintage, it’ll be rare too. The dry weather meant the grapes were small with thick skins; less juice means less wine ! But what a treat for those lucky enough to have a few bottles.
Once again, this year has given me huge pleasure; our small vines, sheltered in glades surrounded by the Arboussas forest, have produced a unique, delicious vintage, truly an expression of wild nature and a magnificent terroir.

Aniane the 3rd October 2009
Guibert Family

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