The Family

Daumas Gassac family Guibert

Aimé and Véronique Guibert discovered the Arboussas mountainside in the 1970s. With roots in the Aveyron, Aimé Guibert comes from an old Millau family of tanners and glove makers.

As for Véronique Guibert de la Vaissière, she’s an ethnologist, specialising in Ireland.

Of their five children, four of them, Samuel, Gaël, Roman and Basile have been working in the Domaine and managing it since 2000.

The Team


Mas de Daumas Gassac is above all a family business, helped by a dedicated team. Each in their own sector but all closely linked. From the artists in the vineyards, to the magicians in the cellar, to the welcoming ambassadors in the winery, to the working ants in the offices. All are aiming for the success of Daumas Gassac.