Walk in vineyard


Walk in vineyard

Saturday 9 October & Saturday 16 October



2021 edition program

  • Arrival at the domaine at 9.30am,
    • Scheduled departure at 10.00am, for a long walk (4km) in the vineyard including wine tasting workshops:
    • Roman Guibert, winemarker will make you taste several wines with pairing food.
    • To end our lovely day, a lunch, will be served, with the Grands Vins Mas de Daumas Gassac.
  • End of the walk around 2.30/ 3pm
  • 75 € per person

Health certificate required

DON’T FORGET good walking shoes! Very stony path with some steep climbs.

ticket office closed

Several years ago, Aimé Guibert organised ‘autumn Rambles in the vineyard which brought together enthusiasts and friends of Daumas Gassac. Since 2012 we’ve renewed this tradition. The aim of these days is to take time to wander through the vines, discover the scents of the wild garrigue, share a meal and chat about a common passion; wine.

These walks take place each year, in the autumn, just after the harvest. 3 dates will be chosen during September and October.

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